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Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky

Article I - Name Section:

1. The name of the organization shall be the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky.

2. The Heartland songwriters Association of Kentucky shall be a nonprofit organization (non- 501C3). It may receive financial support from banking institutions, building and Loan associations, public organizations, building industry, city/county/state/federal governments, taxing authorities and the private sector.

3. The place of business of the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky shall be as determined by the board of directors.  The registered mailing address shall be that of the current president.

Article II – Mission Statement:

To uphold the highest standards and principles of the musical arts by promoting, encouraging, and fostering interest in songwriting and music at all levels of talent, as well as raising public interest in original music.

Article III - Membership Section:

1. Membership in the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky shall be open to anyone interested in the musical arts and in furthering the aims and ideals of the association.

2. Members whose annual dues have been paid in full are eligible to participate in all activities of monthly meetings sponsored by the Association, to vote in general meetings, to hold office and to serve on a committee, to participate in public performances and recordings of the association.  They shall receive any newsletters, membership rosters and any published notifications of exhibit opportunities sponsored by the Association.

3. A patron member shall be any person, business or organization who is interested in the musical arts and in furthering the aims and ideals of the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky.  They shall receive all publications of the association and shall be listed in the catalog of the exhibitions as a patron member.  Patron members shall not vote hold office or have exhibition privileges.

4. Honorary members may be granted at the discretion of the membership and shall have all the rights and privileges of a member.

Article IV - Annual Dues Section:

1. Dues shall paid annually at the April meeting and shall be delinquent after June 1 of each year.

2. Annual membership dues shall be fifteen ($15.00) dollars with prorated fee for new members of one ($1.00) dollar per month with five ($5.00) dollars minimum after November 1.

3. Annual Patron membership dues shall be fifty ($50.00) dollars.

4. If dues are not paid by July 1 of each year, the member will be automatically dropped from the membership roster.

Article V - Fiscal Year Section:

The fiscal year of the Association shall be from May 1 to April 30.

Article VI – Officers, Board of Directors, Appointees Section:

1. The officers of the association shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms.  All shall be active members in good standing.  All shall be elected.

2. The Board of Directors shall consist of two (2) elected members and the officers listed from the section 1 and Appointees.

3. Appointed positions: Executive Events Coordinator, Media Coordinator, etc.) shall be approved by the membership.

4. The annual meeting for the installation of elected officers and Board of Directors shall be held in May.

5. Any officer board member or appointee may resign for personal or health-related reasons and vacancies will be promptly field according to By-Laws.

Article VII - Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution and the By-Laws of the Association shall be presented in writing at any regular scheduled monthly meeting.  Voting on any proposed amendments shall only be done at any scheduled monthly meeting.  Amendments may be passed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.  Any member unable to be present at the scheduled monthly meetings shall be able to vote in proxy by advising the Secretary and by completing a proxy voting form at least 14 days prior to the scheduled monthly meeting.

Article VIII – Public Performance Guidelines Section:

1. All performances shall be performed by active members and honorary members only.

2. All performances shall be appropriate for that particular venue.

3. All performances or (HSAOK) Showcases done under the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky Banner shall be original music only.

Article IX - Ownership and Rights to Recordings Section:

1. The ownership of any song released on any compilation CD of by the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky shall remain the property of the individual who holds the copyright.

2. All monies received from the sale of any compilation CD shall go to the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky.

Article X - Dissolution of Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky:

In the event of the dissolution of the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky all equipment will be placed for silent auction requiring a sealed bid by interested members in good standing.  I reserve bid is to be decided by the remaining members.  If the reserve is not met on the minimum bid, then the equipment will be placed on public auction.  All proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization to be determined by the membership.


Article I – Officer’s Duties Section:

1. The President shall:

a. Preside over all meetings of the association.

b. Appoint committees and standing committee chairs.

c. Call meetings of the board of directors when she/he deems it as usually pertain to this office.

d. Perform such other duties

2.The Vice President shall:
a. Succeed to the Office of the President in case that office is vacated.
b. Perform any and all duties required by the President in the President's absence.
c. Perform any duties as may be delegated by the President.


3. The Secretary shall:
a.Keep minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of regular monthly meetings of the Association and all meetings of the Board of Directors.
b. Present minutes at each monthly meeting.
c. Issue membership cards.


4. The Treasurer shall:
a. Be custodian of all funds of the Association.
b. Receive all monies and deposit into the Association's bank account.
c. Collect dues for membership.
d. Collect fees for Association sponsored events.
e. Keep a complete record of all monies received and dispersed.
f. Dispersed money for the Association.
g. Make a financial report at each meeting as requested by the President.
h. Shall sign all checks for monies being spent.
i. In absence of the Treasurer all monies may be collected by any elected officer and given to the Treasurer.


5. The Sergeant of Arms shall:
Oversee parliamentary procedure as stated by Roberts Rules of Order.


6. The Events Coordinator shall:
a. Serve as the Association's point of contact for all festivals and events.
b. Coordinate all festivals and events.
c. Shall be responsible for the up keep and storage of the PA system.
d. Shall collaborate with the Media Coordinator.


7. The Media Coordinator shall:
a. Shall serve as point of contact for all media-related services.
b. Shall collaborate with the Events Coordinator.


Article II - Board of Directors Section:

1. The Board of Directors shall consist of:
a. All elected officers.
b. Two (2) elected members of the Association membership.
c. Appointees.


2. Duties of the Board of Directors shall be:
a. Take the initiative in determining the policies of the Association.
b. Take charge of and manage all the property of the Association subject to approval of the membership.

Article III - The Meetings Section:

1. The meeting will be conducted based on Parliamentary Procedure governed by Robert's Rules of Order.  The president shall conduct the meeting with the Vice President taking his/her place if the President is not present at the meeting.  In the event both the President and the Vice President are absent then one of the remaining three officers (Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms) or the Executive Events coordinator may preside over the meeting.

2. Any propositions brought to the Association must be put in the form of a motion and seconded by another member. Then a vote must be take place. The Secretary shall record the names of the member who made the motion, the member who seconded the motion, and the results of the vote (number for, number against, number abstaining and whether the motion carried or not. There must be a minimum of seven (7) members in attendance for a motion to come to a vote.  If there are not enough members for the vote then it must either be tabled until the next meeting or the motion can be presented to the membership via email for a proxy vote.  Any votes for that motion must be turned in to the E.E.C no later than 24 hours prior to the upcoming meeting the E.E.C shall forward any and all proxy votes to each board member.

3. After the conclusion of the business meeting the stage shall be open for performances in a HSAOK Showcase, an open mic format, critiques, workshops or other activities scheduled by the membership.  In the event the after meeting activity is to be the open mic and or critique session then the stage shall be open to both Association members and their guests.

4. In the critiquing process, no simple critique will be considered a component of co-writing.  Any co-writing between members will be exclusively agreed upon by the co-writing parties.

Copyright 2019, The Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky. All rights reserved.



President: Jonnie Bonnett

Vice President: Jim Corbit


Secretary: Gary Fights


Treasurer: Libby Brangers


Sergeant of Arms: Reggie P. Twyman


Events Coordinator: Ashley Cruse


Media Coordinator: Hippy Head


Directors: Kim Weber | Gary Brangers 


Board Alternate: Sean T. Johnson


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